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A Prayer to Complement
the Third Step Prayer

God, I offer myself to Thee

Lord, I thank You for loving me.  You have been so good to me.
I love You and love what You are doing in my life.
Your plan for me is greater than any plan I have created for myself.
My desire is to be pleasing to You.  I want the things You want for my life.
With a heart of complete surrender, I offer myself to You.
Nothing hidden or held back, my life is in Your hands.
Your ways for my life will never harm me. Your ways offer healing and strength for every situation.
My heart, soul and everything within me is Yours.  I completely surrender.

1 John 4 19

To build with me

My life is on Your potter’s wheel, Lord.  I am the clay.
My frame and makeup are Your creation.
You are aware of the imperfections and patiently work to remove them from me.
The workings of Your hands to mold me into what You want me to be takes time.
You are building a vessel that is pliable to Your masterful touch and will be presented
as beautiful and strong in the time to come.
You are the Master Builder who does all things well.
My life is safe in Your hands. 

and to do with me as Thou wilt

As You work to mold me into Your vessel, I desire to be useful.
Whatever You want in my life, I am completely surrendered to Your will.
If Your desires feel too great for me, I know You will give me the strength to accomplish Your will.
Use me, Lord!  Let my actions speak of Your greatness!
Allow me to represent the God that has never lost a battle, who is doing an amazing work in me!

Relieve me of the bondage of self

I’ve walked in my own ways for so many years, I need Your help to be free.
My ways have been self-sabotaging and hard.
Living only for myself is a trap with unfulfilling and unsatisfying rewards.

that I may better do Thy will

Allow me to experience the joy of serving others, and not myself.
Show me the fulfillment of seeking You first and centering my life around You.
Fill my selfish ways with learning and participating in Your generous ways.
Let me life, my achievements and my future goals be a reflection of You, and not of myself

Take away my difficulties

Remind me to bring my every care to You, Savior.
Let my hardships disappear in Your presence.
Make Your great power an active part of my everyday life.
Continually draw my attention back to prayer with each difficulty I face.
Don’t let me forget that my answers are found in You and through You. 

that victory over them may bear witness

Let each answered prayer be a part of my growing testimony.
Prove to those around me that You are doing an incredible work in me.
Let them see a changed man/woman that have been set free by an amazing Savior.
Show them that true power and victory are found in You.

my life is in Your hands

to those I would help of Thy Power,
Thy Love, and Thy Way of life

Please use me to reach others.
Allow them to see a walking, talking, living, thriving testimony in me!
Let me witness of Your proven power.
Let them see Your strength and ability to redeem those lost in the depths of sin.
Revive a glimpse of hope to those who have given up and feel no chance for rescue or help.
Show them that no problem or situation is too difficult for You!

As my life continues to become more filled with Your ways and less filled with mine, please let me show love.
Let my friends, loved ones and acquaintances experience the new man/woman I am growing into.
Show them my new compassion and concern for their well-being is genuine.
Let them feel Your love through me.
Use me to reach the hopeless and hurting by expressing Your pure love.

Please let my life be an example of Your blessed ways.
Help others to see You offer a better way for all of us. Remind me that I reflect You.
Don’t allow me to send mixed messages to those searching for answers.
Keep me on Your potter’s wheel so that I am never far from Your presence and power.
Be my constant influence through Your grace.
Never let it be said that I discouraged others because of my unclear stand for the good life You’ve offered to all in need.

May I do Thy will always!

Savior, please walk with me and talk with me.
I want to be a vessel You can count on to hear Your voice and do Your will.
I want to be available when a need arises. My desire is that You will find me trustworthy to fulfill Your will.
I want to know that my heart and my actions are always right with You.


I pray these things today, in Jesus’ name.  Amen

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