cancer prayer
(prayer for healing of cancer for a friend)

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god heals cancer
(Prayer for Healing of Cancer for a Friend)

Lord, I am thankful for another day that You’ve given to me. 

Your mercies are new every morning.  You are my faithful Companion, my constant Friend.

Jesus, I’m grateful to be able to also call You the great Physician. 

Your Word tells me how we are all fearfully and wonderfully made.  I’m amazed at the intricate details of our human bodies.  The workings of all of our components are beyond astonishing! 

You’re not only the Master Physician, but the Master Creator! 

I praise You for Your mighty works!

Lord, I am bringing my cares to You today, and asking You to move on behalf of my friend. 

My loved has been diagnosed with Cancer, and anxiety and fear are attempting to immobilize me.
Everything is so uncertain right now, and I desperately need Your peace.

healing scriptures for cancer

Psalm 41 3

I am asking for Your help and intervention in this situation today, Lord.  

As I anticipate answers and treatments, please remind me to focus on You instead of on the problem

No diagnosis is too hard for You! 

No miracle or healing is beyond what You can do!

Please increase my faith and increase my trust.

Please be present in my loved one’s care. 

I ask that You would guide the hands of the doctors and nurses that are caring for him/her. 

Make the problem clear to see so he/she can receive the exact treatment they need. 

Lord, You know my desire is to see a clean bill of health in the months to come as my friend recovers. 

Even so, I know that I must trust You if the findings are not what I am hoping for. 

I must trust that You are completely in control and You know exactly what You are doing at all times.

healing Scriptures for the Sick
Prayer for Healing of Cancer for a Friend

Jeremiah 30 17

Please help me and his/her family to look for the positives that can come out of this situation. 

Let family squabbles come to healing and restoration. 

Let the busyness of life take a back seat to letting each other know we love them and are always there for them. 

Bring us closer together. Let this situation remind all of us that life is short and regrets are haunting.

Savior, I am asking that You would also give peace to his/her family during this time. 

I know I’m not the only one who is worried and anxious about our loved one’s future. 

Please allow all of us to experience that peace that passes understanding and let all of us
realize that it’s Your peace that we feel. 

For those who do not know You, I pray that You would draw at their hearts so they will turn to You. 

Let their helpless feelings cause them to turn to Your strength.
Let their doubts turn to trusting You to be in control. 

Help them to lean on You as I am doing, knowing that You love us.

I bring this great need to You today, Lord, on behalf of myself and his/her family. 

I will be sure to give You the praise for being with us.

I ask for Your intervention for this need in the name of Jesus. 



Bible Verses for cancer
Prayer for Healing of Cancer for a Friend

Exodus 15 26

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Prayer for Healing of Cancer for a Friend
Prayer for Healing of Cancer for a Friend

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