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How to draw
closer to God

Everyone wants to have a closer relationship with the persons they love so much,
and God also wants to have such kind of intimate relationship with His people.

It is impossible to know about someone without having a relationship with them, and the same goes with Jesus
as it is impossible to know his heart and His desires without being close to Him.

Many times we miss this closeness with God by relying on our self or shifting our closeness
to someone other than Jesus Christ.

Jesus says in James 4:8: "If you draw closer to me I will draw near to you"

The more we step into to know and live for Him, the more closer He is with us.
So if we hang out with Jesus, we will eventually resemble more of his character.
However, the fact is many of us don't have or invest our time to be with him.
How to get closer with God involves three things: Intimacy, Obedience and Commitment.

Intimacy is the Key

Getting closer to God is not an onetime process which can be attained in a single night.
Intimacy takes time, and one needs to gel with God to attain intimacy with God. So many people want to talk to God,
desire to know His heart but sadly many people afraid to spare their time to have an intimacy with God.

Davis's Psalms highlights, David sought one thing of the Lord and basically, that was time with Him.
The more we dwell with him, the more we cultivate the power with God.
More the intimacy more we come to know His love for us.

Obedience and Commitment

Many try to compartmentalize their lives. They try to obey Jesus in areas they want to obey Him in.

Jesus made it clear that there is no such things as "selective allegiance" When we to get closer with Him,
it calls for complete commitment and surrender.

Without commitment and total surrender, it is impossible to know the heart of Jesus.
Many people are flexible in their approach to Jesus; they do not do it unless they really like it.

James shows us that as we submit ourselves to God through obedience, resist the devil, and draw near to God,
and He will draw near to us (James 4:7-8)
It is essential to understand, closeness to God always demands a sacrifice.

Many people want a relationship with Jesus on their terms.
They want a 'no strings attached' relationship, where they get all the benefits without commitment.

One will not really know whether they are devoted to something or someone until sacrifice is required.

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