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Prayer for Patience

Please don’t allow
an impatient attitude to ever be seen in me

Jesus, I love You!
I thank You for this day, and for Your many blessings that accompany me.
I want to thank You for the strength and grace You give me for my daily walk with You.
Thank You for helping me to grow spiritually in Your Word and in Your ways. My desire is to be more
like You, and with Your help, I will!

Lord, I want to ask for Your help with developing greater patience in my life.
This is an area in which I need to grow in.


I’m finding it difficult to practice patience in my life.

Please give me patience with the everyday inconsistencies in life.
Help me to be patient with my family during our morning rush for starting our days.
Let my morning interaction reflect the same love I feel when things aren’t hectic. Help my attitude
be one that sets a positive mood for my family to face their day with contentment.

I pray that You will give me the patience I need on my job. Let the fruit of Your Spirit shine
through me as I work with those around me. Help me to never lash out in anger at those
around me, no matter how much stress all of us are feeling.
Let me be the speaker of peace
and the one who is willing to work with others. Help my mind be at ease and tolerant of those
who are in the process of learning when new employees have entered our workplace.
Don’t allow me to forget that complaining is unpleasing to you. Additionally, remind me
that each difficult predicament gives me the opportunity to grow in patience.

I thank You for the church family that is such a blessing to me. I appreciate those that encourage
and challenge me to walk with You in the fullness of Your ways. We’re all different in personalities
and we all come from different walks of life. Please help me to be understanding toward the ways of others
who are quite a bit different from myself.
Help me to be patient with those who seem too quiet,
or too talkative or too loud. Please don’t allow an impatient attitude to ever be seen in me. I am striving to grow
and show love as You would show love. As Your Word teaches, let me be humble and gentle with patience.

Jesus, it is a great privilege that I can come to You with my needs and prayer requests.
My human nature wants the answers to come immediately!
However, I know spiritually that many answers come from a process.
Give me strength and endurance for the process!
Help me to keep my spirit right. Don’t let me become frustrated or impatient as I am praying
for the many needs surround those I love, and even the needs I am praying for in my own life.
I want to wait patiently, as mentioned in Your Word. 

Help me to be understanding
when someone new has many questions

Psalm 55 22

Let me be reminded that I will reap in due season!
Bring to my remembrance Your Word that tells me to be patient during times of tribulation.

Lord, I need to learn of Your ways more, yet find there are times when I’m not even patient with myself.

My desire to grow in the Word and in my Christian walk is sometimes met with careless mistakes
and a need for correction within myself. My desire is to be a true and faithful Christian.
Sometimes I need reminded that the changes and growth in me are also a process. When I forget,
I need to remember I’m Your child, and I am growing and gathering knowledge,
wisdom and experience in each spiritual area, much like a human child with life lessons.

To know that You are patient and loving to me even when I am struggling to feel the same way for myself,
I am thankful. For the many areas that I desire to grow the attribute of patience, I am grateful that You
have given examples to me.
You’ve shown me interaction with those who needed Your longsuffering.
Several times in the Word, we can look to You, our Savior, as the example to follow.
Your patience and forbearing to those lost in sin is desirable within my own heart.
You never showed impatience toward those who truly wanted more of You.

As I pray for increased patience in my own life, I want to thank You for the patience you have had with me.
Jesus, I can’t be grateful enough for the many times You’ve raised me again after stumbling on this journey.
Your loving kindness and long suffering in my life are nothing short of amazing.

I thank You for all that You’ve already done, and all that You are doing in my life in this area.
I am thankful to be serving a Savior who is interested in my success!

I love You, Lord, and I pray these things in the name of Jesus. Amen.


Ref: Ephesians 4:2, Romans 8:25, Galatians 6:9, Romans 12:12 

You never showed impatience
toward those who truly wanted more of You

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