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Prayer for Release

Let my healing from bitterness
be a light to them

Lord, I love You and praise You!
You have been so good to me and You are worthy of my praise!
My life would be so different if You were not a part of it.
Your love and compassion have lifted me and I am grateful.

Savior, I’m thankful that You see and understand my struggles.
While I am not the same person I used to be, I know there are still so many things
You want to do in my life.  I have many areas to grow, and I can’t thank You enough
for Your patience with me on this journey.
Your mercy for my mistakes and Your grace to help me grow is more than I deserve.
There is no God like You!

Today, Lord, I need Your strength and help.
I want to purge my heart of all the things that should not be there.
Your words says that if anyone is in You, he is a new creation.
As I learn of Your ways more each day, my old ways are no longer as appealing.
Your ways are beautiful and inviting to my soul. It feels as if layers of my past have lifted,
but there are others that still need removed. My struggle with old habits and thoughts
has weakened with Your help.  I am ready to embrace complete freedom!

Lord, today I ask that You release me from any sins in my life that I have yet to men overcome.
If I have any hidden attitudes that are not pleasing to You and are unlike
the fruit of the Spirit, please reveal these things to me. If there is any hatred or bitterness
in me because of past wrongs done to me, show me, please.  Help me to forgive like You forgive.
Even if it is a process, remind me to forgive again and again. Remind me that others
make mistakes, as I have made mistakes. Remind me that people change, the same as I have changed
from who I once was.  Help me to see others the way that You see them. Help me to have
Your compassion for them, reminding me they are lost without You.
Let my healing from bitterness be a light to them.

Please release me from my lingering guilt of past mistakes. I’m finding it hard to forgive
myself of some of the things I did before You were a part of my life. It is a gift like no other
to have a Savior that does not hold my past against me!

When Your Word tells me that there is no condemnation in You, help me to see this
for my own life. Help me to apply this to myself. Please help me to forgive myself as You forgive.
When I witness to others about Your love, forgiveness and release
from condemnation, please remind me that this is for me too.

Lord, I ask that You release me from depression, anxiety and fear. You see the turmoil
all around our world, Lord, and You know we are bombarded with negativity.
News and current events weigh me down and work hard to control my emotions.
Your Word tells us that in the world, there is tribulation. But Your Word also tells us to take heart
because You have overcome the world.  I pray that You help my main focus to be centered on You,
and not on the worldly troubles that want to inflict fear in my heart.
Help me to see
what You are doing in the midst of the tribulation. Help me to focus on being a light and a help, rather
than being consumed by worry and panic.

Savior, as I bring my requests of release to You, let me not forget the most
important thing.  In all that I ask You to release me from, I want to ask for one thing to release me to.
I can never fully be released from things that want to take hold of my life if I do not fully release my will to You.
Search my heart, Lord.  If I am holding back anything from Your authority in my life, let it be known to me.
If I am already aware, please give me the courage to fully trust You in every area of my life.
Please help me release anything in my heart that I have not given You complete control over.
Remind me that You only want the best for me. Remind me that You will never remove things in my life
that are good for me. Remind me of the peace and joy that wait for me when
I am completely surrendered. Remind me to trust You in all things.

Thank You for your willingness to continue working on me as I work on myself.
What an amazing Savior You are!

I love You, Jesus, and I pray these things in Your precious name. Amen.

Ref: 2 Corinthians 5:17, Romans 8:1, John 16:33,  

Search my heart, Lord

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