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Prayers for Change in my Life
(Letting Go and Trusting God)

prayer for moving on and letting go

Enjoy this powerful prayer for a better life and a new beginning through God

Prayers for Change in my Life (Letting Go and Trusting God)

Savior, I love You and thank You for Your mercy, grace and blessings. 

My heart is overflowing with hope and anticipation. Knowing Your mercy for me
is new every morning is something I’m so appreciative. 

I’m grateful to be able to start over with Your continual strength to help me.

God, my current situation is life is both hopeful and scary. 

I am venturing into a new beginning, which is a blessing full of new dreams and hopeful expectations. 

Even so, the fear of the unknown is there too. 

I am afraid of failure. 

I am afraid of the uncertainty. 

I am afraid of the unknown.

 But Lord, You are there.  You will be with me every step of the way.

bible verses about letting go

Prayers for Change in my Life (Letting Go and Trusting God)

Matthew 11 28 30

Jesus, as I begin this new part of the journey, please
help me to let go of the past.

Please don’t allow fear to determine my attitude or cause me to retreat
when You have something better for my future. 

Your Word says that death, life, present things, and several other things cannot separate me from Your love. 

Your Word doesn’t say my past can’t separate me from You
(note: God always loves us, but past failures can cause us to leave our walk with Him due to our own shame

While my new beginning isn’t about Your love, I realize that holding onto the past
can still separate me from what my future can be, if I let it. Where You lead me, I want to follow.

Please help me to follow after Your will in all that You want me to do. 

Please help me to gather lessons and wisdom from my past to make
my future endeavors victorious and prosperous

I pray that You will not allow my past failures, mistakes and lack of knowledge to hinder my mind in walking forward.

Continue to remind me of my new beginning until I am far from the old
and no longer need reminded.

bible verse about letting go and moving on

Romans 8 37 38

Lord, please help others to see the work You are doing in my life. 

Let them see Your hand in all I am doing and help them to see the areas
I’ve grown or changed for the better. 

Please let Your light shine bright through me. 

Please let my example of going from old to new encourage others who want
new beginnings but are held back by fear.

Let words of encouragement come forth from my mouth to support those who simply need a nudge. 

Please give me the opportunity to bless someone else who can in return encourage me.
Two are better than one, and I know You are able to bring someone into my life
that can help me walk in this new beginning.

Regardless Lord, You are always with me, and I know with Your help, I can make it all the way! 

I know I can walk without continually stumbling when You are my strength and support.

I thank You that I can come to You when I’m feeling discouraged,
or I’m tempted to look back or turn back to the old.

Thank You for being my constant Friend and support, Lord.
I’m excited about the future and know You will be with me all the way.

I pray all of these things in Your precious name. 



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Prayers for Change in my Life (Letting Go and Trusting God)
Prayers for Change in my Life (Letting Go and Trusting God)

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