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Relaxing Videos with The Word of God

Enjoy these videos to relax and calm your mind with the word of God.

I leave you also with this prayer that you can use before sleep:

Lord, I always trust you, as you are my Good Shepherd, I know that I will lack nothing, tonight I know you will be with me, take my mind; and give me peace of mind, so that I never doubt that your presence is enough to keep us at peace.

I beg you Lord that your serenity envelop me tonight, that my house be protected by your angels, that with your power you remove all evil  around me, all danger that is visible or hidden may be vanished, in your name Jesus.

I ask You Lord to give encouragement to my spirit, give vigor to my body and enthusiasm to live. On this night I rest in you, all my worries are on the altar and I am about to have a peaceful and restful sleep.

Thank you for hearing my prayer. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

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