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Sleeping With The Psalms Christian Relaxing Music

Calm your mind, enjoy a deep sleep and embrace your spirituality with this profound Christian audiobook.

Do you often suffer from a flood of negative emotions or thoughts before sleep?

Are you looking for an empowering audio to help you cultivate a stronger relationship with your faith? Then keep reading.

Inside this powerful and inspirational collection, you’ll be taken on a journey with relaxing Christian music and narrated Bible verses from the Psalms to help you put your mind at ease and develop a closer connection with God at bedtime.

Perfect for anyone suffering from insomnia, stress, anxiety, fear, or emotional overwhelm, these enlightening verses have been specially compiled to let you develop your faith and discover the unique benefits that come with peace of mind.

In the modern world, it’s far too easy to become disconnected from our spiritual roots and end up feeling lost and adrift in the world – but this audiobook puts you back on your spiritual path, fostering personal growth as touching Bible verses resonate deep within your soul.

Book details:

  • Calming Music and Narrations To Soothe an Overstressed Mind
  • Inspiring Bible Verses To Help You Strengthen Your Relationship With God
  • Specially Designed To Help Those Suffering From Fear, Anxiety, Stress and Worry
  • Includes Psalms 23, 91 and 27
  • Added nature sound effects to help you relax and fall sleep fast
  • Helps You Get Rid of Negative Thought Patterns, Embrace Your Spirituality, and Find Inner Peace
  • And Much More…

Whether you’re looking for a way to unwind in the evening, an audiobook to accompany you on long journeys, or as a memorable addition to your prayers and when spending time with those closest to you, Sleeping With The Psalms is a testament to the healing power of scripture.

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