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Prayer for Illumination

My heart is open like a book
with blank pages for You
to fill with Your goodness

God, in this day full of miracles, Your love and mercies, I thank You for all that You do.
My life is beyond blessed because of my loving and caring Savior.
There is no other like You, dear Lord, and it is a privilege to call You Lord.

To be introduced to You, the living God, has been nothing short of amazing!
Your Word and Your ways have opened my eyes to a better way of life with a Savior who cares for my soul.
I am thankful that Your truly want what’s best for me in this life, and that Your Word
shows me what exactly that means.

I thank You for saving me from the things that would harm me, and for teaching me
a better way in life. Your ways never reward me with regrets, only with peace and joy
from living to please You.
Β  While I am learning more on a regular basis, I sometimes feel
like I’ve only scratched the surface of all that You have for me. Your Word is alive, and it never gets old.
There are an incredible number of treasures to be found!

God, it is my desire to draw closer to You, to know You more, to learn of all Your ways.
I want to understand all that is pleasing to You, how to worship You and praise You.
I want You to show me what is displeasing to You. I want to love what You love and hate what You hate.
My heart is open like a book with blank pages for You to fill with Your goodness.

Savior, I thank You for You Word. You Word is life!
I thank You for the abundance of teaching held in the Bible that feeds my soul.
As I go through life every day, I know there are times my flesh and human nature get weary and tired.
During Your earthly ministry, there were times Your human body felt the same. Lord, no matter how tired
my flesh is, or how hectic my schedule is, keep me hungry for Your Word.
Your Word is the nourishment for my soul.
I cannot afford to go without the Word giving me strength for my journey.
I need the teaching, the wisdom and spiritual guidance found within its pages.

My heart wants to know You

Nehemiah 8 10

Please don’t allow my inner pride to ever rise up and assume I have all that You have for me.
God, keep my humble and teachable. Your Word holds so much for me.
I don’t only need its teaching on Your love and forgiveness, but also about the things
You disapprove of and the correction for my actions that are wrong.

Your Word has truths that I have yet to learn. Please let my heart be open to them. Even
when I’ve believed or been told something different, show me Your truth. Show me Your Word
and the truth I need to see, understand and live. Your Word tells me that the truth will set me free.

I desire to be free through You, Lord.

Open my eyes and heart to greater revelations from Your Word. Protect me from all that is not
of You or from You. If my heart and mind have been affected by false doctrine, I pray
You will bring understanding and truth from Your Word to open my eyes and teach me.
My heart wants to know You. My heart wants to know truth.

As I know You better, Lord, I pray for a growing wisdom inside of me that desires
more and more of You. Help me to be observant to all You want me to learn, that I may be
a better Christian, witness and testimony.

Speak to my spirit, Lord. Let me learn to recognize You when You put something in my mind to do.
Let me follow Your leading and guidance.

Whether in church during a message from my pastor, or a seasoned saint that has gained
much wisdom, or even a child with a pure heart, help me to hear. Help me to hear
when You are speaking to me through others. Help me to catch the correction brought to me
through the words of others.Β  Help me to be humble and accepting of all that You are trying to say to me.
Help me to hear, no matter what method You bring Your message to me.

I thank You for the several different ways You have chosen to touch my life and bring
greater understanding to me. I appreciate the opportunity You give to Your children to know You closely,
intimately and beyond the basics. I am grateful that Your Word and revelation
can take me as deep as I desire to go.

Savior, keep this passion burning within me! Your ways are amazing, and I don’t ever want
to forget how privileged I am to have access to the great wonders of my incredible God!

I pray for Your touch and presence in my life each and every day.
I ask these things in Jesus’ name.Β  Amen.


Ref: 2 Timothy 3:16, John 8:32

Help me to hear
when You are speaking to me
through others

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